All plants have been divided into the following soil type categories:

Humus-Rich Soil
A good garden soil, with plenty of organic matter added. This also refers to a woodland situation, where fallen leaves add organic matter to the soil. A humus-rich soil is usually dark brown in colour and retains a good amount of moisture, without being waterlogged.

Moisture-Retentive Soil
A soil that retains moisture, even during the summer months, without becoming waterlogged. This can also be achieved by adding plenty of organic matter to the soil and additional watering during dry periods.

Reasonable Soil
Any fertile garden soil, providing it is not excessively wet or dry for long periods. Most plants in this category will grow in a wide range of soil types.

Well-Drained Soil
This does not mean dry soil, but soil that allows water to drain away freely, so that the roots and crown of the plant are not sitting in water. This is especially important in winter, to avoid rotting.


Please refer to specific plant descriptions for more information.