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BRIZA media

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A classic and beautiful grass for spot planting in herbaceous or wild flower borders. Masses of delicate nodding teardrop like heads on sturdy stems creating texture and movement. Also makes a useful cut flower filler



Ht 60-90cm



Indoors - in seed trays or pots in a warm light environment

Outdoors - Where the flowers are to bloom



March/April or June/August to overwinter


The Next Steps:

Indoors - Moisten compost before sowing. Sow thinly and cover lightly with compost. When 2 true leaves show, prick out into trays 4-5cm apart or single pots.

Outdoors - Prepare the flowering site well in advance by removing all weeds and making a fine crumbly seed bed.

Water the site ebfore sowing. Sow or scatter the seeds to a depth of twice the seed size. Rake into soil and firm gently. Thin to 25-30cm



June - late September. Cut back in Autumn, seed will self set


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